Misuse of CFA Designation - Should It Be Reported?

Yes, I think this squeezes in to the “presentation of factual information” category, so it’s not quite as bad as I first imagined.

It still fails, however, because:

  1. You’re not supposed to hold it out as a partial designation, which putting it after your name, rather than in the body of the biography would seem to imply.

  2. CFA is a noun in this case. If it were “Passed CFA Level 1 *Examination*,” then Examination would be the noun and CFA would be the adjective modifying it. (Though an argument can be made that Level 1 is the noun and CFA modifies Level 1).

BTW, the bullet points on “Get to know [THIS GUY]” are hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a joke or not, but it’s funny.

Just to clarify the website has recently been updated and the word ‘passed’ has now been added. As others have correctly stated this is slightly better because now he is stating something that is factually correct. However Im still not convinced its being used correctly since it is appearing after his name? Can anyone clarify?