Misuse of CFA Designation - Should It Be Reported?


I recently noticed that the director of a firm (not one I work for incidentally) is misusing the designation on their website. For example, he has “CFA Level 1” after his name and then on another page he states that he has CFA when he’s only passed level 1. It’s really quite poor actually.

My question is should I report this and if so, do I report it to CFAI or to the member directly?


Try this, set up a gmail account using a made-up name and email the company, pointing out the misuse of the designation. If it’s still there after a week let CFAI know. Give them a chance to fix it, but otherwise stuff like this needs to be enforced.

Yeah that’s not a bad idea. Will give that a try, thanks. You’d think after studying (and passing) ethics in level 1 exam the person would know better?!

True, but sometimes the company can do it without the individual neccesarily knowing. Not everyone is up to speed with CFAI’s rules and somebody in marketing or in charge of the website could easily stuff it up.

Yeah, suppose we’ll give said person benefit of the doubt in such cases. Thanks again.

He put “CFA Level 1” after his name? Not only is it a blatant violation, but passing L1 is nothing to be proud of at all. you’ve got freshman kids in college passing L1 these days. If I ever saw an MD with CFA L1 behind his name, I would immediate peg him as a moron and take my business elsewhere…

if the secretary mistakenly put CFA behnd his name somewhere not so obvious, then he’s not in violation, although it still has to be corrected asap. but since he is claiming a partial CFA designation, that’s a HUGE no no on his own part, I would just forward the website link to CFAI, I don’t think he will get any real punishment.

This isn’t as bad as the girl who only passed L1 and try to cheat me into thinking she was a L3 candidate

Aren’t CFA1 candidates required to be a senior in college or hold a bachelors?

Post the link so we can see what you’re talking about.

Yes you’re right. I meant to say senior kids in college, not freshman

I don’t think they check though. How would they require you to identify that you are a senior or hold a bachelor’s degree?

I was already working when I took L1, so I already had a bachelor’s when I filled out the profile info to register for the exams. I don’t believe CFAI went to verify with my university about anything though.

I agree with newsuper’s suggestion.

Yeah, this happens a lot. I had someone work on my CV and - while she did a good job overall - she kept saying all over the place that I was a Chartered Financial Analyst, which of course is verboten by CFAI rules.

People always put that kind of stupid sh!t on resumes, which are then immediately tossed in the trash.

I personally don’t understand how someone who has actually passed one of the exams can be that stupid. Every other exam question in the ethics section seems to adress this issue. Honestly, this is the only part of the ethics section that I remember with 100% clarity now that it has been almost 3 years since I took L3.

Yeah, I don’t get people who do that. You’re just digging yourself a BIG hole to lie about being a charterholder.

I have a friend who passed L1 and then just gave up, but his CV says he’s a CFA charterholder. It’s just such a stupid thing to do. Any company where the CFA holds any value (i.e. will you get you the job/interview) will uncover your deception at SOME point, so you’ll have to live this lie. And for any company where CFA means nothing, well then why have it on your CV in the first place. There is ZERO upside IMO.

Here’s the link in case anyone is interested:-


The site in general reeks of sloppiness though. Am I the only one who noticed the “My Likes” and then “My Likes” (which should have been my dislikes). Obviously not a company with a huge amount of attention to detail.

His descriptions are quite ironic.

I love the big disclaimer in red at the bottom of the site. Makes you kinda wonder about the general IQ of their client base.

“Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.”

Here’s a quandary, he actually has [NAME - Passed CFA L1]

Maybe the dash is his defense that he’s not actually claiming a partial designation? and that it’s merely a fact stated after his name, and not part of his title? I have no idea what IMC and PFC are though.