Mitt Romney's running mate is... (spoilers)

Paul Ryan. To be announced tomorrow.

Apparently this will fire up the Republican base and get them to vote.

He looks like Aaron Rodgers.

I think he looks like John Galt.

Did anyone hear Romney’s brainfart? He announced Ryan as the next President of the United States. Late night talk shows will have a field day with that.

Look slike Obama made the same mistake 4 years ago:

I think it was a good pick, will likely help him. I think it would have limited his chances of winning if he had gone with a Biden-esque nobody as a running mate (like the rumored Minnesota governor)

One of the comments on the WSJ article was “who would you rather be president, Joe Biden or Paul Ryan?” Talk about a no brainer reason to vote for Romney/Ryan.

Solid choice. No question I am voting for Ryan / Romney now (which is the way the ticket should read). Having someone in the White House who understands basic math and how the deficit actually works is the most important quality this country should be looking for in its leaders. There is no larger issue facing the US than it’s broken entitlement policies. We know that Obama isn’t going to do anything to fix the problems, let’s give someone else a try.

Check this out, titled Paul Ryan: Hiding Spending doesn’t reduce spending. Ryan speaks to a dumbfounded Obama/Biden explaining the double counting of revenues in the Obamacare debates. I know its an older video, but I just saw it this morning.

I can’t vote, but if I could I’d be there in November to support these guys.

This is exactly why I oppose Obamacare. As Ryan said, it does nothing to control costs. It doesn’t address the $80 BILLION of medicare fraud each year (true story, look it up). It doesn’t address record high costs of care in the developed world. It doesn’t address the demographic cliff we are facing. Obamacare only makes the country go bankrupt faster. Again, this is the single largest issue the country faces. The deficit is THE issue. Not illegal immigration, not the Middle East, not the war on terror, not the poor state of our educational system. Those are all important issues. But the deficit is far away more important to the country’s long-term prosperity. We need a team in office that can actually do the right thing and fix the entitlement programs that are sinking the country. Paul Ryan is probably the only person in the country really qualified and willing to do that. If he comes packaged with Romeny, that’s unfortunate, but I’m still voting for him. Paul Ryan 2012.

Multiple felonies?

I like the pick. The budget is the biggest concern and at least Ryan has a plan, which is more than can be said for anyone else. It is getting a little disconcerting how socially conservative republicans are getting, but I guess we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

Good point. The other turn off about Ryan as I have been reading more is that his plan doesn’t cut defense spending at all. Seriously? You’re talking about the deficit and you can’t cut back the huge amount of defense pork that gets spent every year? Anyway, still probably the best of a set of bad options, but he is probably not as much the mesiah as I had hoped.

Considering defense is the largest part of the federal budget…if he’s not serious about either cutting defense or keeping it stable, (which is to be expected from Republicans), then this talk of reducing the deficit is more fantasizing by the voting public. Or cutting agricultural subsidies…

Yeah I’m not sure how you can talk about ballooning medical costs without cutting the ag subsidy that underlies the diabetes problem in this country. Still, he’s better than the alternatives. There’s no question that Medicare / caid need to be restructured and no one else is willing to touch that with a 10 foot pole.

I’m not as concerned about next year’s budget as I am 10 years from now. I’d be all for some immediate spending cuts, but it’s the future health care and social security liabilities that keep me up at night. Military spending is an issue too, but I think the goal there should be getting smarter about how we spend the money rather than making outright cuts.

wouldn’t 2013 spending be lower than 2012 with the withdrawal of troops in the middle east?

Well as long as investors have an appetite for T-bonds, I guess the gov’t can continue spending as they please. If someone was willing to lend me money at these rates I would spend like no tomorrow. I’d leverage myself 10:1. We are barely over 1. The true time to fear will be when demand subsides and rates go up.

We are financing our $1.5T deficit for about $20-30B/year. That’s not a bad deal IMO.

I think now is the best time to increase our spending on US R&D by ramping up education/science/energy etc budgets. Defense budget needs to be redirected to innovation instead of silly wars on invisible terror. I don’t mind the $700B as long as its going towards innovation. Many of the things we take for granted and need to survive today were made possible through military R&D.

Where’s Turd? He’s got to be fired up on this one. Ryan used to make Rand a required reading for interns and largely credits her as influential on his philosophies.

wow that is a great deal - with money that cheap it makes $1.5T seem okay

haha. Not a US citizen.