MM Exam Scores

I’ve just finished MM Mock 1 AM/PM this is my 7th mock so far. I’ve done the first 3 Schweser mocks and CFAI 2006,2007,2008,2009.

This was by far the toughest mock I did, I got crushed on AM 52.7%, the PM was difficulty as well, I havent had much practice on PM, but it wasnt easy. I honestly don’t remember level 2 mocks being that difficult.

Given we have only 4 weeks left, I’m not sure what would be the best strategy, whether I should focus on CFA AM mocks or keep doing MM Mocks and try to fit in the most recent CFA mocks (2016,2017,2018) + I have only done 20% of the topic tests.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Retaker here. I’ve look at almost all the material you’ve mentioned. You’re better off sticking with just the CFAI stuff. All the other stuff is just extra. If you’ve exhausted the blue boxes, EOCS, morning mocks…etc…and you feel you have the concepts locked down, yah sure start doing some other mocks from other providers but if not just stick with CFAI stuff.

I think you have to focus on the CFAI material - both the previous exams (definitely 2016 - 2018) and the onine topic tests. No problem to bang out 30 - 40 topic tests questions in one sitting. You’ll have them done in no time.

3rd party providers are great supplemental practice but you can’t beat the real thing. The MM mocks are tough but not that much tougher than the CFAI previous exams / online mock PM exams. Well, maybe MM exam # 1 AM is actually that much tougher, but the others are a little more in line. I’ve done all 4 MM PM exams and I thought they were fair. I averaged ~65% across the board - which is close to my CFAI PM #1 exam online.

Still plenty of time and 53% really isn’t that bad for the AM with a month to go. Try MM exam #4 AM… I think you’ll find that easier to swallow.

Thank you guys! I will follow your advice and focus on the CFA am mocks, BB, and Topic tests for now. I got 60% on the MM 1 PM. I did pretty bad on the fixed income equities and behavioral questions on the am part though thats probably why my score was pretty low. Hopefully it only gets better from here.

I’ve done the 3 first ones so far and gotten 56%, 56% and 58% in the AM sections and 74%, 72%, 70% in the PM sections. Next I’ll do the 4th one, then Boston and finally the official CFAI one. I think the MMs dig a little deeper into the material than the previous years’ CFAI exams and are great practice.

I think at this point the most important thing is to do a lot of mocks/ questions on a variety of topics so that you keep every topic fresh in your memory and cover the most important/most testable stuff.