MMORPG anyone?

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone here playing or used to play MMORPG?. not that charter candidates have much time to play such games. :slight_smile:

  1. Everquest - 3 years, Pre Kunark, Kunark and Velios.

  2. DAOC - About 2 years

  3. WoW (Just when it came out) - couple of months

I wish i can go back to those reckless days of just submerging myself in MMORPG and enjoying an excitement when a rare items drops. Now i am just stuck leveling up in real life, and /random here is NOT uniformly distributed


I miss those days alot. i played DAOC for two years too (camelot unchained coming out next year). WoW, final fantasy and some others. just re-activated my account for Age of Conan, though i have only around 3-4 hours free time on fridays to play.

Such games are stress relievers

Considering all the different ways you can occupy yourself given the narrow window you have on this earth, investing the bulk of your spare time in an online game where you pretend you’re a wizard seems like a pretty obvious choice.

Admit it, how many of you are virgins?

I enjoy reading about EVE stories more than playing MMORPGs.

EVE seems like a colossal time-suck. Exactly the kind of thing I’d have been into as a 10th grader. Never played it, don’t want to.

However, if you look around online, you can find the EVE soundtrack easily. if you’re into that kind of space ambient music, it’s awesome to listen to while working.

^I’ve said it here before, if we had an official game of AF it should be EVE. The whole thing is a case study in completely deregulated financial markets. There is a very real economy with no rules, cheating/scheming players is not only tolerated, but encouraged.

Corporations try to corner markets and monopolize resources but it rarely works for long as everyone else gangs up on them. You can invest your money with legit firms or accidentally fall prey to a very real Ponzi scheme if you don’t do your due diligence.

Wait, what? Is this a game or real life?

Real life with less drastic consequences.

Agreed - EVE sounds incredible and would I know for a fact it would derail my life.

What platform is this EVE game on?

^ Yes I’ve heard of EVE. It sounds complicated and submersive. I’ve heard the economy is actually real and it would take players a long time (> 1 year) to build titan ships.

I would play it but I know that I would spend way too much time on it.

EDIT: @ Greenman. I think it supports both Windows and Mac. Google “EVE Online”

Me, too. I think there was one story where a battle lasted hours and cost more than USD$10,000 (if game credits were transferred into real money)

I don’t play it, but my understanding is that would only be the case if you sat around and mined for a year. You could transfer your CFA skills and invest other people’s credits for them and earn money a lot faster. Or, you know, just rob them.

Used to play:

Asheron’s Call



Anyone plays DOTA2? Now that i have maybe 40 mins free time a day i want to get into it

^Are you prepared to be yelled at in Russian?

I played some DOTA 2. I have to admit, if some one is a pro at Dota 2, they should have no issue passing CFA L1 and maybe Level 2.

Do you play DOTA2? I need some one to play with, couple of hours a weeks tops