Mnemonic Device for Ethics Code (6) and Standards (7) ?

Has anyone come up with a mnemonic device for these? Thanks

Headers, I-VII

Professional Investors Don’t Disclose Internal Confidential Relationships


K.I.M.M. - I just think of the band KISS, plus it helps that both M words start with Mis (rhymes with KISS)


Model Mayhem (hot model website) - both words start like Ma, like in Mayhem

Duties to Clients

Loyal, Fair, Suitable, Performance Preservation. Not really a mnemonic, but easy to remember and helps with the real words.

Duties to Employers

Last Asshole Remains (seems like the shitties bosses are always the last to go)

Investment Analysis

Diligent Communist Records (Helps with the words again)

Conflicts of Interest

Disclose Prior Referrals (Helps with the words again)

Responsibilities of CFA Institute

Can’t Read

I didn’t even attempt to memorize them. I just did so many practice problems that I started to intuitively know what was right/wrong.

You don’t ned to memorize anything when it comes to Ethics… just read it 2-3 times very diligently from the curriculum.

I thought they refer to a lot of questions using V(A) type solutions? As in what standards were breached with an answer being something like I(B) and VI(A)?

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Would be good to know if I need to memorize the standards or not before I start reciting them in my sleep!

They say, V(A) Duties to Employers. They don’t juse say V(A). From the word description, you can tell which applies without memorizing.

Perfect, thanks!!