Mnemonics and Memory tips?

With the exam rapidly approaching and the need to squash the last bits of information in your head, perhaps there are some easy mnemonics or memory techniques that people have out there for recalling (sometimes complex) information quickly? I find these go-to devices really helpful during the pressure of an exam.

I’ll start with one:

Type 2 Error: F ailing to reject a F alse null

You can remember this is Type 2 error since there are 2 F’s…


PEPSI - Pay Each Penny to Save Israel … Just kidding… That’s not gonna help in exam…

Here goes one for Ethics.

" P rofessional I nvestors D on’t D isclose I nternal C onfidential R elationships"

P rofessionalism

I ntegrity

D uties to Clients

D uties to Employers

I nvestment Analysis

C onflicts of Interest

R esponsibilities of CFA Institute

like it!

Can’t remember where i heard this one.

In Quant, data measurement scales in order from weakest to strongest spell the word NOIR , which is the color ‘black’ in French

N ominal

O rdinal

I nterval

R atio

That’s in Schweser note, Quantitative.

In PM they also mention the way to memorize important aspects to cover in an IPS: R-R-T-T-L-L-U (return, risk, tax, time horizon, legal restriction, liquidity, unique constraints).

Here is mine:

Call up, Put down .

This means we excercise the call option when stock price is up (i.e. higher than the strike price) and put option wh stock price is down (i.e. lower than the strike price)

Kurtosis: Leptokurtic, Normal, Platyurtic. L N P (London N Paris)

Yields in order of magnitude: MMY, BEY, EAY. M B E (Member of British Empire)

Dividend Payments chronology dates: Declaration, Ex-dividend, Holder of Record, Payment. D E H P (Dell competing with HP)

Porter’s five forces: Rivalry amongst existing competition, New entrants, Buyers bargaining, Suppliers bargaining, Substitutes. R N B S S ( RnB SuperStar)

Put call parity: S+P=C+K/(i+rfr)t. S P C K (SiP a CoKe)

Great! Thanks to all the others as well

GAAP PP&E disclosures = “G A A P”

  • General description of depreciation methods
  • Asset class balances by nature/function
  • Accumulated depreciation by asset class or total
  • Periodic Depreciation

Regional trade agreements (in order from least to most integrated) = FCCEM (“f**k 'em”)

  • Free trade area
  • Customs union
  • Common market
  • Economic union
  • Monetary union

These seem some age old memory tips. Where can I find more updated ones for these types of memory tips?

You say that as if it were a bad thing.

The best thing to do is make up your own; you’ll remember them more easily that way.

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Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words: for options, I tried memorizing those awful max/min formulas, but I realized the payoff graphs were far easier to understand and use!!

Not a bad thing…, just c anyone got more update ones… thx anyway…

You can try I think those memory tips ar from there…