Anyone come up with any interested Mnemonics? As of right now, I only use the ones provided by Stalla.

Well i have one…it’s stupid (but whatever works, right), but i had trouble remembering the different types of Statistical Scales. They are Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, and Ratio…the first letter of each combined spells Noir (like pinot noir), and if you know anything about wine you know that wines are ranked… Use it if it helps – it helped me Q

try to come up with one for the 9 sections of GIPS or whatever it is. I used FICC-DEEP, FICC= Fixed Income, Commodities, Currencies, and DEEP just means deep pockets because of that FICC trading. Also to remember accounting things that go to equity instead of income statement would be: FAD-P, Foreign currency translations, Available-for-Sale securities, Derivatives gains/losses, and Pension gains/losses. You may want to make one for this: Among the fundamental principles underlying the preparation of financial statements are fair presentation, going concern basis, accrual basis, consistency and materiality, but not comparability. RR-LL-TT-U is for the investment policy statement, look up what they are


I use an ABC system: 1 = A- Anchorman 2 = B- bicycle 3 = C- camping etc. With this, I create sentences and images that help me remember, for example if I need to remember the number 123, I imagine an anchorman on a bicycle in a camping tent. It took a while to remember the alphabet this way, but this really helps me.