OK all, it’s that time of year again… time to start the straight up memorization of this stuff. Please post your best mnemonics or other tricks to remember all the lists for L3…

Here’s my best one to start things off (not saying it’s a clever one but hey, it works):

Emotional Biases for Behavioral Finance: LOSERS

L oss aversion bias

O verconfidence bias

S elf-control bias

E ndowment bias

R egret-aversion bias

S tatus-quo bias

… because LOSERS don’t have good control of their emotions… etc.

dude that’s pretty good hahaha



Mental Accounting


FAMA is cognitive

Cognitive Errors: Belief Perseverance

R epresentativeness

I llusion of Control

C onservatism

C onfirmation

H indsight

RICCH as I’m going to be rich if I ever get this charter!

Beleif Perseverance has RICCH cognitive errors