Mobile phone app for formulas/flashcards?

Hi All,

Trying level 2 for the second time after having failed 4 years ago. Are there any good iphone or ipad apps people are finding helpful for flashcard study? Don’t need something with extensive readings – rather want something I can use to memorize formulas on the go while waiting for the bus, etc.

In particular, how have people found the Stalla iphone app for this sort of thing? Any other ideas?


Try this one: Passing Score 2.

I use anki to create my own and it’s awesome, their iPhone/iPad app is expensive but it’s a great program

why do you need a phone?

buy some plain DIN A8 cards and write the variable on one side and the relationship on the other.

in your left pocket keep all the cards together with an elastic band. memorise the cards in blocks of 5, once happy move the cards to your right pocket.

when your left pocket is empty, start again…

Great advice, I’m sure OP never thought of that one! indecision

If it works for you that’s fine, but there are some advantages so obvious to having the info in a digital format I won’t even bother…

I make my own flashcards at and use their iphone app to memorize those. They also have an Android app and it’s all free.