mock 1 ANSWERS

i took the exam and scored 73% but how do we see the answers ??? where were they

please can sm one tell me ??? its so baddd

Log back in and in blue is should say download a pdf… If not give me your email.

There as a link right above the breakdown of your scores. Click where it says “click here”, and you will get the PDF.

You don’t get the answers. You get explanations, from which you can infer the answers. Thery were, and are still, available on the website. It said “click here for a pdf of the explanations”. Go back and look carefully. Or give me your e-mail, I’ll send them.

Yeah, the website is down so you won’t be able to log back in.

i was facing problems with the website but its working fine now this is sooo bad the PDF u talked about doesnt give me which of my answers were wrong damn !! its not so helpful for $100…

Muhhaha only paid $60

wrong thread