Mock 1, done - now what?!

I’ve just completed my first mock exam and scored 72%, I’m not sure if this is good/bad, but I didn’t feel too confident going through it.

Schweser give 12 mock exams, as well as the CFA one so there’s a lot of mocks I can be doing. Is the best strategy to spend a day or two trying to learn more content as there was some areas I had to completely guess, then hit another mock exam and just repeat that process???


Pretty much what I’m doing. Star the questions I had to guess/wasn’t sure about, learn the questions I got wrong. It didn’t help completely - got 68% on the first mock, read up on FRA and Probability as those were my two weakest areas - and then did another exam. Got 69% on that one. Learned about more areas that I could brush up on (Fixed Income, more FRA), so gonna tackle those and then try another mock. Hoping for the best from there haha - hope this brush up helps and I can beat the last two scores by a good chunk. Aiming to get to 85%+ on mocks by exam day.

Good luck!

Go over your weak areas and before doing another mock.

Time to take the rest of the month off and relax. On a serious note, take your worst area and do a topic test. I have been scoring between 66% and 74% on half mocks and am finding the CFAI mock the easiest so far. Does anyone else find Schweser harded than CFAI ?

I have found Schweser mocks to be about 5% harder than CFAI. I have also found the CFA FRA topics tests harder than the CFAI mock FRA section. I assume they do this by design. Anyone have thoughts?

Same by 7-10% and topic tests are about the same as CFAI mocks for me.

Everyone seems to be giving good advice here. My story just so you can compare goes as so:

63% first schweser mock, 65% second, kept grinding out all of november and revisiting harder spots for the two days following a mock. Did 8 mocks or so, but only 3 hour ones (although I did one 6 hour to simulate exam conditions). Also used cfai topic tests, cfai eoc, etc etc to get a grip of everything. I think my best mock from schweser was a 74%, and my best cfai one was a 75%.

Honestly buddy, I think you’re looking pretty good right now. I somehow ended up with 70+ in all sections with my mediocre mocks, and my best word of advice is to keep revisiting mocks. You have a lot of time left, so you might as well use it to aim for 80% on mocks or something. Don’t stress too much, the end is near.

If you need any personalized advice feel free to reach out, I just did the exam December and the process is fresh for me.

Thanks a lot for the advice and experience you found.

So I’ve done another few mocks now scoring between 70-79 every time and average about 75, I just feel like even if I’m getting 80s in the Schweser mocks I’ll get into the exam on the exam day and the questions will be worded very differently or will just be very long winded compared to the mock style on Schweser. I’ll also have the CFAI mock to do as well as a Schweser live mock this Saturday. Any further advice is much appreciated on that and happy to keep it on this post for the benefit of others also :slight_smile:

@Analyst0601 - are you getting 70-79 questions out of the 120 asked? Or 70-79% of the questions correct?

70-79% apologies for the confusion!