Mock 1

So i did the first CFA mock today and got a 68. Made a few stupid mistakes on ethics and derivatives. Got one right on the first accounting question 16% Got a 100% on the second accounting and on F.I The remainder were between 50% and 83% Honestly, I was a dissapointed but I’m glad I made these mistakes especially now. After reading many posts, seems like many of you felt the same way. It would have been nice if I got about 75%, that would have made me feel much better. I felt it was different from schweser for sure in terms of format, more qualitative "so many porter 5"and less number crunching. I was a bit surprised though since after i did the 2006 questions from CFAI books, I thought the real deal would at least look something like it but i guess i was wrong. For any repeaters out there, did anyone take the practive CFAI mock exams and thought the actual exam easier? I know how everyone is feeling right now, 5 more days left and this hell will be over. I will do my best and whatever I get i will be satisfied with cause I know there wasn’t much more I could do given my work schedule and all. anyways, just needed to vent and i know many feel the same way. best of look to all