Mock 2 First Question Ethics

If I recall the question right, didn’t it say that the charter has allowed the PMs to perform better? Thats a violation right? Answer was he stated the significance correctly, but performance presentation was wrong.

Nib, it didn’t say to perform better, sentence read that it improved PMs knowledge

what got me was them using CFA charter is the “highest credential”. Are the saying CFA program is the best in global investment, and every other educational source will be inferior to them?

Yeah…they are stating that as fact…it’s also in the text. I was very surprised to read it there.

Highest credential…my assss

I at least learned that you have to get approval for derivative hedges . . . . didn’t know that.

Yup, they closed that loophole…

“highest credential” … I can’t believe they say that as a FACT! The people who wrote that are unethical. This exam is a sham!!! THE CFAI mock Exam #2 is a sham…just b.c of that question #1