Mock 2, q1 ... gotta be joking!

Hey all. I just love this one. It says in the text that we can express an opinion, no problem. But if we state something as fact, then it needs to be backed up as such. Is it definitely “fact” that the CFA charter is the highest credential in the global investment management industry?

I got that one wrong. I thought that was “exaggerating the meaning or implications of the CFA designation”.

that question was on last year’s exam…totally uncalled for…still pissed about it…who do they think they are? talk about claiming!!! not at all impressed.

if I remember correctly it said something about highest in “ethical” standards…

There’s no way that the statement fits the “spirit” of that section of the text…no way!

I got it wrong too. Then in the book it says, you can claim so. It’s his opinion.