Mock 2009

if anyone is interested in mock 2009 post your email here i’ll email you over the weekend

seems like you are done for the night and now looking for some entertainment.

yes, Mock 2009 is the best entertainment i can get this weekend, that is after the Schweser mock wild party on Sat.

I meant entertainment by seeing hungry people posting their email IDs for the free copy

maybe lenchik101 is a CFAI employee - you post your email here and bingo next thing you know your doing time for an Ethics violation and being water-boarded by the PCP operatives…

ha ha newsuper you are funny. i guess i live in the world where noone wants to trust anyone :slight_smile: you are guys breaking my heart.

ok… i did read the “fine” print on it and i apologize for any confusion and i withdraw my offer. i guess “permitting access by anyone other than currently-registered CFA candidates” got me thinking it was ok.