MOCK 2013 Passing Score

Kind of a silly and pointless question but what score do you guys think would have been a pass if that MOCK 2013 exam had been given?

The 2013 Mock Results thread has given us some data points to look at. Based on the data and the obvious bias (i.e. people who scored 50% are less likely to post than someone who scored 75%) where do you think CFAI would have set the Pass/Fail line.

My guess is 63%.

will 64% got me in top 40 percentile :frowning:

I think it would be lower. Since the MPS according to 300 hour CFA prep- seems to be in the mid to low 60s and assuming the Mocks have slightly more tricks.

But its anyones guess.

According to 300hours data, 64% to pass. 70% for certainty

Hopefully low 60’s!

I wonder if the MPS ever drops below 60?

I think the MPS may have been below 60 a couple of years back. If you go back into the post results threads you can find a year where guys passed with 4 categories at under 50. It looked brutal.

but honestly don’t worry about the MPS too much, it’s your friend after all. If you do the mocks and brush up on your weaker areas your score should improve, if you pass your time thinking about where the passing mark is you’re getting no closer to making it.

and on a related note don’t worry if you have a bad mock, this is a good thing it’s showing you more things to work on than a good mock and I’d rather have a bad result now than on the day

i Learbt one thing

Before solving a questions write down foyrmula

In 2 equity questions i forgot to deduct MV of debt from MV of firum to calculate FCFE

Btw want last q on equity in morning brutal

I think it is around 66% for a 10% level of confidence, 70% for 5% level of confidence