Mock 2013 Vs. Real?

Can anyone shed light on Mock vs. Real Exam? It seems as if the majority are saying Mock is harder than real?

Scored 73% on 2013 Mock

im sorry but this comparison has been done to death in other threads. i’ve scored a 73% as well and from popular opinion, we stand a good chance of passing the exam. also, people have been saying that the real is easier than the mock, but with the nervousness factor and pressure, you might as well consider it to be as hard. just make sure you read the question and all the answers. this is a problem with me, i rush through the questions and end up with a half hour or an hour remaining on my schweser questions. i was patient about the mock, and got a 73%, so that will make all the difference.

good luck for tomorrow

Thanks Pal, Appreciate the response.

Just nervous that CFAI will try and include really long-winded problems…nothing like seeing those 1-worded “memorization” type anwsers that all you need is one good glance at to get correct.

I’ve read the CFAI text over 3 times and Kaplan texts over 2x, along with memorizing every single formula. Nonetheless, still nervous for exam day!!! After the first few ethics questions i’ll definitely settle in and the nerves will go away.

Wow! How long did it take you to do all that?

Been studying since September… like 800+ Hours. I’m enrolled in Providence’s MBA Program, So i had the time to study… but no matter how much studying you do… you can’t retain 100% of the material. It’s nearly impossible!!!

That’s an amazing level of dedication. I’ve been studying since late January with notes/EOC questions only and I’M burned out. Good luck tomorrow! Sounds like you have a really good shot.

Thank you very much, good luck to you as well. Honestly, confidence is everything. As long as you are confident and tell yourself you are going to pass, you have a great chance. Worst case scenerio, re-take the exam in December and enjoy the summer AWAY FROM THE CFA!!!