Mock AM e PM

Hi guys!

Since the exam date is coming I would like to share here experiences about mock exam either for AM or for PM (also Qbank in case)

Currently I’m using:


  • Qbank: I like their QBank, but altough it was satisfactoty in L1 and L2, I found their L3 quite weak (I think that Ethics is wll
  • AM Mock (4): I don’t like their style, it is also difficult to understand how to properly answer
  • PM Mock (4): I think it works well

FITCH Learning

  • Qbank: works well, maybe better than Kaplan, although the % of success are not so clear to me

Financialexamhelp123 (Bill AKA S2000magician)

  • AM Mock (4): very very good! Very complete, well explained, they induce to think on the concept more than base the exams only on your memory
  • Command words: very helpfull

Of course I’m using also the CFA past exams (for the applicable questions) and mock just provided

I would like to add at least another service provider for the AM mocks (at least I would substitute the Kaplan)…do you have any suggestion? I have noticed in the past topic something about Bloomberg, Ficth, Konvexity…any help?

Many thanks


EDITED: Smagician to S2000magician

It’s all about the CFA mocks and Qbank.
Excessive repeatition will have you recognising their style of questioning and know exactly what they’re after quicker

Um . . . S2000magician, actually.


Thank you for your kind words.

A luxury you don’t have on the real exam, alas.

Only the truth.

Properly edited…sorry to much numbers!