Mock and practice exams

I have been averaging about 80% on my mock exams and practice tests and curious to know if it is good enough to pass the actual exam. Any thoughts?

who knows for sure…to be fair if it is your third time trying you probably know better than us

but if that reassure you it is higher than my scores wink.


After receiving many requests from anxious test takers, like yourself, a friend of a friend told me that CFAI might calculate an average of your mock/practice exam scores with your *actual* exam score. But nothing is certain, yet.


Its probably not enough given everyone on here is scoring in high 80s and you’re compared against them… keep practising…

Yea, get back to the books. MPS has been hovering around 90% the past few years.

80% is basically horrible. As the previous poster commented, 90%+ is the mps for level 3. Good luck.

Thanks for your input! I will try to get my average score up to 90+ before the exam.

jaja, :stuck_out_tongue: