Mock and section questions = real exam questions?


I am curious to know if I should expect the real exam questions to be on the same difficulty level as the section practice questions (also the mocks) provided by CFA. Are they of similar style and of level of difficulty ? How likely are we going to see similar questions in the real exams, with only different numbers/ratios?

With the CFA mock and real exam being composed of 240 questions with a finite (though large) set of concepts covered by the material I think it’s entirely likely we’ll see similar questions. I highly doubt we’ll see something worded the exact same way with different numbers however. They should be pretty similar though. From what I gathered from searching around online numerous times is the mocks are generally more difficult than the real exam. The real exam apparently is more straight forward in what they ask while the mocks are a little ambiguous at times.

:slightly_smiling_face: Ok, I hope so too. Speaking of diluted ESP…I should revise this!

I figured this out just today but iit seems to me that these test prep providers make their mocks so tough in order to give the candidate a feeling that if you practice with them u’ll be better off.

60% of Finquiz mock exam questions contained some words that i never saw during 4 months of study and i scored 50% on one of the mocks , i panicked so much that i stopped sturying for 3 days in anger and decided not to bother anymore and that ill never pass. yet today on the official mock i got 70% score.

Not really, FinQuiz is an exception. Their mocks are extremely difficult and I have noticed a lot of errors on those mocks.

I think the Schweser mocks are decent enough, the difficulty level is good, not extremely difficult or extremely easy. The topic tests are good too.

I totally agree with zaidthunder1. I am really disappointed with FinQuiz’s standard.

Shweser somewhat difficult for me, but I believe it’s good for exam preparation.

I believe that some providers may still use questions from outdated curriculum…

In my opinion the actual exam was relatively easier but the harder mocks you take now the better you’ll be on exam day. Schweser mocks, CFAI mock/topic tests were very helpful. Wiley was harder than both as it was much more conceptual.