Mock anyone?

How about taking a mock just for the fun of it?

angry no

not fun anymore bro! done with it already and forget a good portion of the material and formulas no

Definitely not. I’m too nervous as it is

i have thought about taking a L1 test again, just because I’m curious to see how I’d do. i’m thinking L2 prep may push my L1 scores up by a few % points

You’re insane.

Why are we even on AF? We’re all mad. But you’re more insane that the rest of us. For sure.

You know, and I know, the minute we see the hopeful “PASS” email, we’re right back at it…I saddly realize I’ve come to take enjoyment at the CFA abuse.

I feel like a drug addict since sunday. I don’t know what to do with my spare time, I have no goal in life since my goal was the CFA. I even re-read the chapter about ABS within FI.

I need to think about something else than CFA. Time to close the books. For a stater, I am quitting this forum, good luck every body. Hopefully see you in the L3 section in June 2016.

haha I would never actually sit down and answer 240 L1 questions again for 4-6 hours, but i’m just saying i’d be curious to see how well i’d do.



I started reading a bond trading textbook but the reality is that I have a tsunami of work deliverables that I was able to skillfully put off for after the exam. No more dodging now, so we’ll see how my goal of maintaining at least a light dose of daily non-work intellectual stimulation goes.