Mock - Ethics..

I am confused about a couple of Mock Ethics questions 1. Is it OK to fill up orders by portfolio size? In the question s/he seems to have filled them by portfolio size but the answer seems to indicate the order size is the right one. Which one is right? 2. Priority of transactions - Is it client before self OR client before self and family OR client before self, employee, family OR client before self, family, employee, other employees. Which one is right?

#1 was discussed in a couple other threads, search for “pro-rata”:wink: but i’ll use order size if it’s given. #2 as far as i remember the family was also a client in the question so clients are before the employee and other employees, company. If the family is a client also, again you cannot discriminate and treat like other clients so have priority. client > self, family (no client) client > self, employee, other employees, family (no client) client , family (client) > self, employee, other employees