mock ethics

According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, members are least likely required to disclose to clients their: Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following: A. service as directors. B. beneficial ownership of stock. C. firm’s market-making activities. D. responsibilities as CFA charterholders.

Think it’s D.

Does anyone ahve the link for the online ethics practise test

sfagan, I think I’m doing the same mock test. Do you want to exchange contacts and help each other along the way? my email is smahbod at gmail dot com I got your back man!

its D…it used to be required now its recommended that analyst do

Bump Definitely D, CFAI recommends analysts disclose this information, but do not require it.

anyone have answers for mock ethics sample of CFA site? missed eight questions thanks

Definately D. Guarantee it