Mock exam 2 and 3: are they worth it?

Seeing how they cost money and you have to do it on the computer (hate looking at a screen), how much value do you think it will add if you’ve already done the free mock and the 06 to 08 written exams? I also did Schweser volume 1.

i took both of them and thought they were worth it. 80 bucks total to see 60 questions that are probably closest to what we’ll see on the exam…

Dammit why can’t they just have you pay for the pdfs so I can print it!!

i would think there is a higher likelihood of seeing something closer to 2 or 3 than on the freebies. everyone is freaking out about adjusting betas, etc. bet we don’t even see it on the exam.

mock 2 and 3? don’t you mean sample 2 and 3 i took them tooo…worth it…found out there was more stuff I didn’t know! Ha go figure… but seriously…agree with cfasf and krock.

There are only: Sample 1 (free) Sample 2 Sample 3 Mock 1 (free) Am I right?

^^assuming you don’t count old CFAI morning exams, then yes.

Sorry I mean sample, not mock.

Definitely worth it. I saw some different types of questions on those samples that I’ve never come across before. Good to be familiar with what CFAI considers testable.