Mock Exam 2011 vs 2013


I tried a mock exam from 2011 and I found it much easier than the 2013. The 2013 one has many very wordy and complex question. I did not have time to finish For the 2011 I finished early and I found the questions less complex. Where does the real exam stand? Do people usually have time to finish? Or is time really an issue?

Thx a lot

These are all very subjective questions. The consensus is the CFAI mock exams are more difficult than the real thing. It also depends on what your strengths are and what shows up on the mock(s).

Mentality is everything. If you are scoring well on the mocks you can take it as being well prepared, OR you can conclude some of your strong areas appeared on the mock and most likely won’t re-appear on the real exam. The key is going strong until the end. Instead of worrying about mock exam scores and whether or not you’ll be pressed for time, focus on mastering the material…you have two days!

Ok thx for your answer. Wtf is this picture? :slight_smile: