Mock Exam and 2nd chance?

How much do I have to get in order to pass the test? If I happen to fair the test, do I get a second chance to write it without paying anything? Where can I find Mock Exam? Samples? Do I have to pay for them at all? Will I be given a formula sheet for calculation or I have to memorize them all? Check it out.

Thanks for the info, KJH. I still can’t find out about the formula sheet though. So pass/fail depends on test-takers performance of that round or what?

No formula sheets can be used at all, nor do they give them to you.

What do I do if I fail? Do I get a second chance to write the exam without any additional payment? and when would that be?

You have to take the exam again in 6 months, and pay for it, at a discount. Read the cfa website. It gives you everything you need to know.

If you fail the test, you have to pay for it again. The earlier you sign up for the 2nd test, the less you have to pay. CFAI won’t specifically say how they determine passing grades. It used to 70% of top 1 paper, or 70% of top 10%…etc… or another method named after some guy.