Mock exam and Test Bank

Hi, Good Luck to all L1’10 candidates. I m preparing for L1’11 and planning to finish reading by the end of 2010 except ethics. I’m looking for test bank for practice. Where can I get test bank for cheap? Those who are taking exam on this Saturday,please let me know if you can send me ur test bank

Thanks for all your wishes … There is nothing as “Test bank” - If you mean a bank of questions in which if you do all questions you will ace the exam - Exam questions are never out before exam but if you want to buy Question bank that has good practice question you can try: Stalla Elan Scheweser (links to all of them provided above) My recommendation would be to first do end-of-chapter problems - Do them very carefully Only after that, use practice questions … I would recommend Elan first - it’s really good Good luck in your studies