Mock Exam and Topic Test

I am starting the review for the exam. In the candidate resources, on CFA’s website, there are two sections, “Topic Test” and “Mock Exam”.

Are the questions in these different or are the same? WHat I mean is, can I start the review by doing the “Topic Test” and still have new questions in the “Mock Exam” or are they the same, just presented in a different format?

THank you veyr much for your help

They are different. However, topic test questions are from past practice mocks, and the practice mock is from past topic test questions. In other words, they’re all from the same pool of vignettes, but you won’t see the same topic test vignettes on the practice mock in the same exam year.

Any idea where I could find last year’s CFAI mock exam? That would be great.! Thanks.

Are you just starting the Topic Tests and Mocks?

What review have you been doing up till this stage?

No review, I started late and I have been very lazy. I did the questions at the end of the chapter for every topic, I hope it is enough.

Good luck to everybody and thanks for the reply guys :slight_smile:

EOCs are unlikely to be enough. You need to hammer all the Topic Tests and as many mock exams as possible for the next 5 days.

I’ve been working on mocks and topic tests for the last 6 weeks and am just now starting to feel comfortable with topics.