Mock Exam - Any thoughts

I took the mock exam today. Did not score heavily. 73%. Considering that it is probably easier compared to the real exam, am not sure what to make of it. I was hoping that perf attribution will not appear on the multiple choice one but to my dislike it appeared. I scored the least on that section (50%). Ethics question resembled one of the schweser/stalla question (One guy who was summer intern getting a job else where and taking clients with him). GIPS was very much easier than what I thought it would be. surprise surprise I scored 75% in ethics. I have never scored above 70% in my past exams on this… I really hope that I score well in Ethics and Gips in the real exam. will make it easier on the rest of the syllabus. has anyone else taken the mock exam. any thoughts?

73 % is a very good score …IMHO

Now that I am reviewing the answer, I see lot of inconsistency inthe way they have giventhe answer summary. first, they have not given which choice was correct. but that does not mean anything since one will not remember the letter code anyway. but then for Q14, they have said Ans A is correct and have not given any context to the answer at all. can someone recall what that question was?

I believe question 14 had to do with relationship between CTD, Conv factor and Yield Beta.

based on the prev answers, it is from VAR(risk managment)

Q34. answer key says that bond portfolio was managed actively. I am not sure how did they come to such a conclusion. if I recall correctly, they gave a table with a set of returns for the portfolio comparing against the index return. I did not see much of a deviation except one or two bonds. how much of a deviation from the index constitutes active management. can someone recall and explain?

Q49. If I remember correct the question was asking about the diversification benefits in international mkt and one of the option was that you have wider choice of managers to choose from. Do we have a wider pool of managers to choose? Ithought that getting a good manager within US itself is quite a task. any thoughts. I have posted few more questions above as well. I will add more as I complete my review of the answer key. hope someone who has taken the mock will be able to answer. But the frustrating thing is it is very difficult to reconstruct the question based on answer unless you spent a lot of time on a particular question(like I did in this one).

Krishna1, I got #49 wrong as well. But, I believe they somehow implied that investment universe is expanded.

Normally, an index manager will have a deviation of less than 10bps.

if only ethics was as easy on the actual exams as it is in the mocks. . .

Of course you have a Wider choice of managers! If I only look in say the US I have 5,000 choices (made up) but if I add Europe to the list I have another 5,000 managers so now my universe is 10,000 managers. If we say 95% are TOP managers then my TOP managers has just gone from 250 to 500!