Mock Exam - May 21

Has anybody had experience taking the Schweser Mock Exam in person (live) last year? Was it better than the Practice Exams in Volumes 1 and 2? Is it worth spending the time to travel to the location and money for this exam?


I liked it, but I didn’t have to travel that far. If I had to travel I would probably skip it.

i did it last year and thought it was very good…and more difficult than the actual exam i am doing it this year mainly for the AM section so I can evaluate my timing in an actual exam room setting and to get a feel of how everything will ‘go down’ on June 4 it is only $49 and i think it is worth the money

So it is a good idea to go to the site and take this Mock exam this Saturday? How will Schweser grade us - do we just do it ourselves and compare our scores to others?

grade youself, they give you the answer key, then you have on-line access to answers and can also input your answers to see how you scored vs others

I did it for L2. Its not bad. For $50 its a steal. The exam had more errors than normal though.

What about the multi-media tutorial? I think they solve the paper, right? Is it worth the TIME and money?

I assume this Mock Exam will be different from the Practice Exams in Schweser Volumes 1 and 2?

yes moch will be different. I am not sure about the multi media guide. they provide solutions so i am thinking its not worth the time and money.