Mock exam of CFAI

Can anyone tell me how to access the mock exam on CFAI website? I logged in but can’t access…, sitting level 2 for this June. Thanks!

Login. Click on My CFA, then you’ll see a bar right below My CFA with a list of links, ‘Preperation Toolkit’ should be the first one, click on it. Then you should see two links on the left side of your screen Curriculum and ‘Study Aids & Resources’ click on Study Aids & Resources. That should expand a list of links underneath Study Aids and one of them should be ‘Sample&Mock Exams’ click on it. Then there should be a box on center right of your screen that says ‘Sample and Mock Exam Availability’ and a bullet point underneath it that says ‘June 2012 Mock Exams are now available’, click on it. Then click on Level 2 and download.

The CFAI website isn’t exactly user friendly.

Got it, many thanks! I love this forum…