Mock exam results

Hello :slight_smile:

hope you are doing well with your studies.

actually i have done only 2 mocks, the ones provided by CFAI and my scores were as below:

76% (am)

76% (pm)

and 88% (am and pm)

well, many questions were repeated, as you might have noticed.

do you think my performance is ok and how confident can I be that I will pass the test given these results?

should i do more mocks in the next few days or revise information (i have purchased 11th hour guide by wiley)?

thank you :slight_smile:

How are you getting such high scores what is your strategy

Hey :slight_smile:

I have studied with Wiley (just books, not videos or qbank)

I have studies every single page in their books and I did the EOC in the curriculum several times. How are u scoring?

@Dhora Greco

Not well I just scored 54% on am session.

just do one or two more, and drill those, my first mock was like 60% and now after couple days you get 70% plus


Strangely I am scoring 70-75% on schweser. Are you talking about taking same mocks again and again

I’ve found that the CFAI mocks repeat too much for me to re-. They are a must-take but after you review the answers, I would do another mock from another provider.

Based on what you are struggling with, the provider might matter too… Schweser’s mocks tend to be more calcuation intensive and Wiley mocks tend to be more concept intensive.


So what do you suggest should I drill questions from schweser qbank or try another mock the results are volatile based on the the provider and it is only confusing me

For me, it’s helpful to see as many questions as possible and from different sources. Yes, the results are a little more varied but that is helping me narrow down my weak spots, review, and uncover a few more in the process.

I have the Wiley Qbank so I’m not sure how you can sort the Schweser one. If you can sort the questions, focus on your weak areas first and then mix in some other questions so that you are actually reviewing and not just repeating the same questions over and over.

is there any difference between taking the mock per topic vs entire AM and/or PM mock? been scoring high on individual tests. i really don’t have the luxury of time to take mocks for 3 or 6 hours. i’ve been taking 30 min breaks at the office just to answer the individual ones.

i’ve been scoring 73-90 on everything except fin. and fixed income.