Mock Exam Review

Hi, Just did the CFA’s online Mock. It only showed me the scores at the end but didn’t show me any review regarding questions I did right or wrong. I called CFA and they said it was decided like this. Is this the case? Regards, Dorian

Yes. but they should have given you an option to donwload a PDF file with all the explanations to the questions.

Many Thanks for the reply. I did look at the PDF. However, for some questions, I still don’t exactly know if I picked the right answer. For example, Question 10 regarding priority of trading, I remember answers C and D are very close. It is very clear that clients have priority over accounts in which Heritage personnel are beneficial owners. I am not sure if those accounts registered under Heritage’s name should have lower priority than the clients as well. Regards, Dorian

Yeah I know it’s messed up. They should at least tell you where you went wrong…I did the exam and now I feel that I wasted the money, cause I don’t know where I went wrong.