Mock Exam, Sample, or neither???

For anyone that took a mock/or sample, did you walk away feeling like it was a productive use of your time? Trying to decide whether I should hit the CFA site up today. Please don’t say “it depends” I just want a plain and simple…are any of them worth taking? Thanks


comp - did you take them all?


comp_sci_kid, is there a lot of value added in Sample 3, given that I took S1,2 and Mock? I know one item set is the same as in mock, but what about the rest?

FI and ethics are brutal on sample #3. The rest is traight forward

takes an hour to do samples (full 3 for most on the mock i’d guess) - - think if you know your stuff, could argue you don’t need to do all - - but i would hazard to guess that cfa isn’t throwing useless questions at you

we’ve nicknamed # 3 “The demoralizer”

Demoralizer for FI and Ethics

I’d recommend Mock. I found it pretty challenging. It covers a lot of different topics and the questions are tricky. The only problem with the mock is you don’t know what you got right or wrong. In the end you get a score and a pdf with the correct answers.

Ok, thanks, I think I’ll skip #3, i am too confused with all the topics as is.

thanks everyone…sorry for the duplication, im sure this has been asked a million times already.

Are the solutions printable for review?

Yes, solutions are printable.

tanyusha Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yes, solutions are printable. For the mock as well as the sample exams?

The Mock does not give you feedback for each question (like the samples). Only the scores by topics and the overall score. Strange but true. You can still get the PDF printout but not very helpful without the original questions and the multiple choices.

Does the print out give you the actual answers e.g a,b,c or d as well as explanation (so you could write down you own selection and compare at the end)? Do they give you the questions again when they present the answers so you at least remember what was being asked? Have done the samples but thinking twice about the mock as I’m doubting what’s to be gained by doing it…

Do the mock, its better value for money $1 vs $1.33 per question :wink: No the mock is good for time management I found the samples should be about 30 minutes shorter. I also found the mock’s ethics quite challenging. You should anyways do sample 1, it free so even if you do one or two questions there is little down side.