Mock exam score

Scored 78-80% on mock Am i in better shape? plz share your exam scores

That is solid, well done. Overall I scored 73%. 80% in the am session and 65% in the pm. Was hoping for anything over 70% so I guess I’m satisfied with where I am sitting. Over the next 20 days will be working schweser prac exams and revising weak areas.


where can you get other versions of mock exam? I have June 2009.

gazhoo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > where can you get other versions of mock exam? I > have June 2009. You’re not supposed to get “others”

i logged an 86% in the AM session, and an 80% in the PM, so i came in right around 83%. Found the PM session more challenging than the AM, which was a cake walk. Overall, my economics sucked (below 70% in both sessions) But luckily i can usually crack 90% on FRA (I’m a licensed CPA, so the accounting stuff on here is pretty basic for me)

“smiley gladbands” you are a on a roll

thanks i have been spamming sample questions for a couple weeks now, and its really helped me out. I did feel that those mocks were a “step-up” in difficulty from the qbank stuff. I’ve still got some thing to work on though - some of the quant stuff and the economics kill me.

Are you guys talking about CFAI mock exam on website? is this available only in pdf files or online also?

this was available in pdf on the cfai website.