Mock Exam Scores - KS

Hey all,

Took my first full mock exam from Kaplan today under timed conditions, after doing 3000 qbank from both cfai & ks etc. Scored a 61% on the AM and a 76% on the PM. Batches of questions were much different/easier on the PM and I actually was able to get a 100% on quant. I guessed on FRA alot on the AM section and was sub 50%, yet able to come away with a 77% on pm. I’m definitely going to go over 2-3 more mocks and this one as I am off work this week to prep.

what is everyone else scoring? Anxious to see if I can get it done this weekend.

You aced QM questions?

I`m a June 2020 candidate and starting studying with quants and there are some questions that are not easy at all.

Hope the other topics are easier lol

If Quants don’t sound easy at Level I, you got an issue at hand. So pull up and explore your options .

Yeah, most of them were probability, hypothesis testing/ z tests/ differentiating between tests etc, also had MWR and TWR questions, nothing too hard. All material seen in a freshman undergrad stats class. A little of the Port Management is trickier with tangent lines and remembering slopes but QM is relatively straightforward

I finished TVM and now Im in weighted mean in reading 7 Im finding reading the CFA curriculum at least until now very time consuming…

How can I say I think I can get more than 90% in TVM and I just started statiscs (im on weighted mean), Im finding reading the book kind of exaustive but not that hard, I mean Im spending like 10 minutes no read 1 page and have full understanding of what I read, I think it`s so much time, I hope the other contents I can go faster…

Try to get good with all aspects of QM because level 2 dives a lot deeper into the topics.

I tried to get on June 2020, but did not have time. How are you guys?