Mock Exam Scores

So far I have completed 12 full mock exams AM & PM, 14 PMs overall because of the CFAI Mocks from the website where AM and PM are both Item sets. Reviewing my scores this evening I realised that I am scoring higher on average for AM than PM. This obviously led me to believe that I have been too generous with my AM marking - although I have tried to be as strict as possible. My average on AM is 72% and 70% on PM. Although my average on PM seems OK, the last two scores over last 2 days have been 62% yesterday for PM and 65% today. I can put this down to fatigue as I have been doing mocks constantly for a week, but I would expect my scores to be improving at this stage and not the opposite! Also, getting a good score on PM is essential from what I’ve heard as you’re more likely to score poorer on the AM section. The last two mocks were the schweser V2 2 & 3, although I scored better on the CFAI mocks with 70% and 73%. I am hoping the mocks I am doing are harder than the actual exam and therefore good practice… I feel that doing mocks constantly is most useful if you already have a firm grasp of the material. If you don’t then there’s little benefit in just ploughing ahead doing more and more questions and getting poor scores. For that reason I am going to do more revision (cramming) over the next few days with a few EOC item set questions as practice. How have the rest of you been getting on? Can anybody who passed or sat last year let me know how indicative their mock results were for their actual performance? I was told scoring around 80% consistently in PM Mocks would leave you in good shape, but there’s only been one PM exam where I’ve scored >80%, one out of 14! Time for cramming I think…Good luck all

I did about the same number as you… CFA AM exams from 2006 and Schweser and online topic tests…

the first few I got every question on (effective interest rate/ bond yield equivalent/ interest rate collar/ shortfall implementation) wrong and now i have those concepts down so to me its just about focusing on concepts that are difficult to me and pray they dont come up as an item set in the exam PM.