mock exam scores

so i just finished both of them up mock 1 79% mock 2 66% Got a 33% on the ethics portion, not sure what happened there on the second exam. I’m def. disappointed about that second score considering the first one…also got a 50 on fsa…usually a strong point

You need to teach me FSA then, because I can’t do FSA for the life of me :frowning: It’s really weird with these exams, I thought mock 1 was pretty easy but only scored a 77%. Then I mock 2 made me want to jump off a cliff and I didn’t score as bad as I thought ( 70%). Ethics for mock 2 was pretty hard. FSA was really hard for me on mock 2.

John Harris my friend…john harris

Who the hell is john harris. Is he some schweser instructor?

yes he is…took a two day class in chicago that is amazing… type in john harris in the search function and he will pop up many times… although i still fill lost sometimes, i usually can narrow things down

Interesting ok, maybe next year if he comes to San Francisco. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure he was in SF this year… I think his website is but don’t remember…just google…well worth the money

yeah, he was here in sf. i took it.

Ok, i hope I never will have to see this John Harris guy because if I do that would mean only one thing…I failed the level 2 exam because of FSA. I will be really sad. If i pass level 2…i heard level 3 has very little FSA and is more about portfolio management…yes! :slight_smile:

correction – NO FSA!