Mock Exam Scores

Given that theres a month remaining until the exam I thought it would help if we all could post our mock scores on here - CFA mock, Schweser, Stalla, Elan - whichever you have. Might provide us confidence (or even a kick in the backside). So far I have taken Schweser Mock 1 and Elan Mock 1 Schweser 75% Elan 73% Plan to take the CFA mock once I am done with the 3 mocks each from Schweser and Elan.

Hi Jonny, I scored a 76% in my Schweser Practice Exam I. I’m a bit confused when you guys are talking about Schweser Mocks. Do you mean the Schweser Practice Exams 1,2,3? I will have to work on 5 or 6 weaknesses (calc. TimeWheigted Return, some Quant calculations etc) and start with the 1st Elan Mock on Tuesday. I will do the free CFA Mock on Friday. I’ll keep you updated, please let me know what you mean by “Schweser Mock”, Dan

More than the score from mock exams, to me, more important is what I learn from the questions. I am not so concerned with where I stand, as much as I am about HOW to keep improving. Scores depend too much on the mindset at that time; they are hard to compare, and just too unrealistic other times. I suggest getting all the difficult and confusing question together, much like a wikipedia of questions - quespedia, if you will. Discuss all the questions so we can all get ready for the exam.

Hi smark, that’s very true. However scoring above 70% in the exams gives you a boost of self confidence. Nonetheless I am still working on my weaknesses :slight_smile:

Hi all, been working with the Schweser Practice Tests (120 Qs). Have been scoring in the range of 65 - 75 % How did you guys do on the CFAI Mock? Took that today, got 80 in the Morning Session & 73 in the Afternoon one.

Done the first 2 Elan mocks Scored 65/60 on the first one Scored 73/70 on the second. Hoping that by next week Ill be sitting in the high 70s