Mock Exam Scores

Took Schweser exam 1 and absolutely got steamrolled.

AM: 50%

PM: 65%

I didn’t do much better; I got a 58% overall. I’m not too worried because I got a 66% on the second exam.

I never passed a Level II practice exam last year, but I passed on the first try.

You still have 30 days, so just review what you don’t know and your scores will go up.

I did Schweser exam 1 for practice, but took exam 2 for real. Scored a 67% on the AM and somehow scored an 88% on the PM. Had some really good guesses on the ethics, but felt pretty good about the rest of the test. This is the first test I’ve done, so hopefully it indicates I’m on track, but again, it’s just one test…

It gets better if you’re a retaker . I am averaging about 70%

Got a 63% total on the first schweser; happy with that. Based on my experiences in the past, i’m hoping to get into the 80s territory before D-day. For a reference point, I was around 50% or so at this point in my studying for levels 1 and 2.

CFA 2011 a.m. 76% and CFA 2012 pm mock at 70%

2012 mock was tough. none others attempted