mock exam

just paid the money… hit A in every answer just to be able to print the answers (I know, I know, I should take the time and do the test seriously…) ethics… not the end of the world, but I will have to check them again, specially the asset manager code of professional conduct other things… easy??? what do you think? well, a little tricky with the performance attiribution, but not because it is difficult itself, but because I guess it can take some time… finally: question 57, the formula is wrong, you don´t have to substract “1” at thend, you are already doing profit or loss divided by initial… errata even in mock exams…

That is why i just reviewed asset manager code of ethics, i knew it is going to come up somewhere

Did you notify CFAI of the error???

not yet, have just seen it

Hopefully they fix it, i doubt it.

If you get question wrong on the mock you’re able to print the answer, but if you get it right, they just tell you that you were correct and nothing else?

I got an explanation for all answers… and I guess some of the “A” were right :slight_smile:

no its same as Sample.