Mock Exam

I just finished it. Result wasn’t great but acceptable. Some feedbacks, 1. Questions are more interesting, certainly some of the performance questions hit my blind spot. I’m sure I need revision on those. 2. There is one item set that appears in version 2 of sample exam. Something to do with calculating covariance of global equity and global fixed income. Unfortunately, I paid for both, what a rip… 3. You get sector score breakdown, you also get solution. But unlike answers for sample exam. It does not indicate which one is the right answer. I guess, assuming we don’t take screenshot, do not remember much of the question, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Damn, it’s inconvenient… More thoughts on the exam, before I took the mock exam, I was somehow sus about the whole “take extra mile to kik schweser users” thingy. I took the samples and thought… They’re not really picking on anybody. It’s their usual way of “testing” us as poor candidates. After the mock exam. Hell I’m wrong… whatever Schweser says not important, it’s in there. My next step, go through Schweser, remember whatever that’s classify as “not important”, “you probably won’t see it in exam”, “I doubt they will ask this but know how to interpret them”…

thanks takumi for your fair feedback

Got 71% on that one, found it useful… Ponpon

I got killed on this one. Made a lot of stupid mistakes, plus the trouble answering questions on the screen made it worse. Trying to regain my confidence at this point.

Just checking. Are you talking about CFAI online exam here ?

Yes. The 3 hrs one.

Thank you, takumi, for sharing your thoughts. What do you think of those contents that are in the CFAI readings, but are absent from both LOS and Schweser? For example, “using swaps to create and manage the risk of structured notes”, “synthetically removing a call feature in callable debt”, etc.

If it’s not in LOS, it shouldn’t be in the exam. But who knows…

I think if it’s not marked optional, it’s fair game.