Mock exam

I am still contemplating whether to take CFAI mock exam. Is it worth it or questions are similar to the Schweser book 6 exams. Please suggest.

No idea. Have you done a sample? I would at least do a sample to get an idea of how CFAi words it’s questions. Book 6 and 7 seem brutal enough to cover the areas that you need to know.

It’s as close as it gets to the real thing and CFAI said having taken at least one (Sample or mock? don’t remember) is correlated with higher passing rates.

and with $100 in revenue, right?

lol i recommend the mocks, good test of knowledge. However after the exam you don’t see what your answers were , so to correlate the right answers to yours is a bit difficult. None the less I recommend them ps. their ethics Q’s are rather straight forward

I would highly recommend the mock exams! The ethics are not nearly as difficult/misleading as they are in Book 6! I wrote all my answers down (brief/shorthand) and then compared my answers to the “explanations” at the end. I think the mock exams are worth the money. Not nearly as many calculations as there are on the Book 6 exams.