Just completed the exam and clicked finish expecting to go through each answer, instead you just get a shtty sumary of the whole thing and a PDF with the LOS for each Q but not the Q. Am I missing something here?? Is this all you get?? How are you supposed to know what you got right and wrong? Also how can you go through that stupid PDF think without the q’s???

its bs, and i felt the same way. if you give it a try you might recall some questions generally, but its definitely not the same

They could have made the thing easier to read too… a space between the LOS and question explanation would be nice!! or at least an indent

Hey can any1 please help me out with the answers to the mock 2… Plz mail me @ Thanks in advance!!!1

This is beyond bllshit how can they expect us to pay that much money for it and then not give us proper feedback. I’m definately gonna write a letter of complaint and I would recommend everyone else to do the same. Only takes 5 mins to write something and send them to : Hopefully with enough people compaining they will change this for future years. No help now I know but it really is bllshit.

jigar, I don’t think there are any answers to the mock.

And if you got selected to do the CFAI “before and after” survey, make sure you mention this in your next survey