Mock Exam

So I am trying to decide when to take the mock exam provided by the CFAI and was wondering if anyone that has taken it could shed some light on its details:

Can the mock exam be taken more than once?

Is it possible to print out the questions/solutions for review later?

Is it possible to print out the explantations/references/etc. given after completion?

Thanks for help and good luck during crunch time to my fellow Dec. 3 comrades.

It depends on what other resources you have at your disposal. I personally have a couple practice, sample and third party prep exams, so I am leaving the CFAI Mock Exam till the Monday before the exam. I plan to review that exam in detail and focus on the areas that the exam indicates I am weakest on. I don’t see why you couldn’t take it earlier, and then review and improve your areas as well.

Yeah that was my original plan, but I am only using the curriculum materials so my lack of Q-Bank, etc. is leaving me a little anxious for some real feedback. I have not yet decided if I want to purchase the sample exams from CFAI.

In that case I would go ahead with the exam, treat it as an exam day do the full day and then spend the days after drilling down on the questions. If you still feel unsure, i’d go for the sample exams. Feedback is key, I read the curriculum and had no real problems and then once I started drilling through passmaster there was a lot more deficiencies uncovered just by interfacing with the material in a different way.

you guys need to be taking the CFAI exam asap. its going to be a wake up call when u get done with it. and then the last two weeks reviewing the exam along with other questions to build confidence into the exam. I belive i got a 55-60% first time i took the CFAI for lv1. made me feel terrible the day after. lucky i had about 3 weeks to restore my confidence going into exam