Mock Exams can no longer be downloaded.

Mock exams will no longer be downloaded or printed. It will be like the practice assessments. online only. for someone who prefers books and printed mock exams this will take some getting used to. i guess one has to get accustomed to the new way of studying.

what about you guys especially those like me who prefer print?

I’m definitely getting an ipad now!

is this for real? Why are they doing that? Annoying…

yes this is for real.sadly.

Is this Schweser or the CFAI mocks?

CFAI mock.

has anyone gone into any of the exams? I clicked on the mock am session and it said that the system ‘doesn’t currently support essay questions’

the main page says that another mock will be available in march 2014, hopefully this is the standard annual mock exam we’re used to and the mock that’s currently up is just an extra mock as part of the new practice question facility.


the practice assessments cannot be downloaded or printed but the feedback can be. asssessments can be taked multiple times.There will be more assessments released in march. there will be no mock in pdf. there is no clarity on whether another mock will be provided online later.

the mock exam currently released is for the PM session. i was able to access the PM mock and i received the same message as you did for the AM session.

They dont do AM mocks for Level 3.

yup know that. all one can have are the past AM papers. but there was a link for mock AM exams.

Ah ok, i didn’t know that they don’t usually release a morning paper mock.

here’s a quote from the CFAI candidate resources website

"Note : Initially you may notice some overlap of questions between the topic-based practice tests and the mock exam; however, a full mock exam’s worth of new questions will be available in March 2014."

Yes Another mock exam will be released in march/april 2014. It’s not clear yet if it will be exclusively online or in downloadable pdf format like before.

ah ok. sorry, i misread your post.

I imagine that the additional mock will be online as well.