Mock Exams Cannot Be Emailed

Can you people who are asking not read? It is on EVERY page of the exam. Quit asking please. It is an ethics violation and it could jeapordize everything we have done to this point. Plus we have more important topics to discuss at this point. I don’t have all of them, but I am not asking people to send them…

the mocks say

accessing or permiting access to anyone but currently registered CFA candidates

which to me seems like it does not prohibit emailing to CFA candidates, just not posting on websites, but you got to be diligent and verify that someone is a candidate

when you say you dont have all of them, it seems to me like you have some, probably more than just the most recent. that would be an unfair advantage to everyone else

and if someone proved that emailing to current candidates is also unethical, i think it is gay. They should either never be released, and maybe given as some kind of live mock, or once released everyone should be allowed to view them, simply cause have the students have them and the other half dont and that is unfair


lostcfa, what you think is really dumb isn’t the problem here. hell, even fair or unfair is not the problem either.

rules are rules.

Thank god I got a download link for all previous mocks, ams, and even sample exams. Almost from 2003-04. I’m not sharing it.

It is a problem, my pass does not mean much when I took 5 mock exams and the other guys tooks one.

At the same time I would be stupid to walk into the exam with 1 mock exam and compete against 50% of the sample who took 5. It is an ethical dilema and it is not easy to deal with.

Rules are not rules, people who dont have the mocks need to mass email CFA institute asking for them to be released because they are at a disadvantage. They pay CFAI good money every year.

If CFAI is worried that the exam going public would lessen the prestige of the designation, they need to make it a more difficult exam.

Jeez. Just google it!! I’m not saying I have them, but be a little resourceful. And asking another candidate to email you a doc with that disclaimer on every single page to a relative stranger with their email/time/date stamp is absurd. You know it. Everyone reading this post knows it.

Unless I’m mistaken here… but basic html manipulation on the cfa website gives you the exams. you don’t even need to use google.