Mock exams only 50%

Hi all,

After 4 months of studying my average mock exams scores are 50-60% so not very promising.

Any suggestions what to concentrate on for the final week? Go thorugh the theory and formulas or just keep solving tests? My weakest areas are definitely quantitive methods as well as economics.


I am in the same boat when it comes feeling nervous about my scores on the mocks. Ive taken both CFA mock exams and have gotten 70% and about 63% on the second one. Just go over all the questions you got wrong and be able to look at the questions again and answer them correctly. Everyone is very worried because of the scores being around 70% but there are over 3500 pages of material and its impossible to know it all. Just keep working the questions. Just because you score 50% on your next mock does not mean you know less than you did before going over the previous mock exam. Im sure if you retake all the mocks you’ve taken your score will be MUCH higher because now you know how to answer the problems (assuming you went over the solutions and explanations). On dec. 6 i will be sitting for my first CFA exam ever but for my last week im just going over all of the EOC’s, mock questions and examples found in the CFAI book that I feel i need help with.

Good luck to you!

Keep going and try not to get frustrated! Do the CFAI EOCs or make flashcards if needed. You have to keep practicing questions and understanding where you are going wrong.

My friend and I are both taking Level 1. This is his 3rd time and my first. He sent this to me this morning. If it doesnt make you focused and renew your determination. Then you need to reevaluate your passion.

Good one sko27! thanks!

Managed to get 82% today when doing AM + PM tests but most questions I had seen before…

To be honest (which you have probably already knew), 50-60 is not really a “safe” place to be. However, regarding this is only 1 more week to the exam, I would say there is no point rushing “raw” material into your head.

What I would suggest is that you:

1/ Go through all your mock exam questions, learn the answer (how to do it, where will you be tricked)

2/ If possible, have a look at the book called “Secret Sauce”. It is a “concrete” collection of all the material, compressed into 280 pages. It does not cover everything but it does quiet a great job on giving you the basics for every subject you need. And I think this is your life bouy at this moment! ( To boost your confidence, I got 80% for Ethics in the CFAI test your knowledge session by only need to read through the Ethics section on that book)

I hope this help!

I too will be taking the exam on the 6th of Dec

May we have the best of luck!

WOW OP how did u manage to go from 50% to 80%. would greatly apperciate your strategy

I’ve concentrated on tests on both CFA page and The latter has def more complicated questions that don’t follow the same structure as CFA ones (multiple correct answers etc).

However, like mentioned the questions on CFA page are repetitive, therefore not sure if the 80% would have been achievable taking different mock exam.

my first Mock Am and PM exam scores were 45 % - 47% . (Guessing About 40 -50 questions ) and the first Mock (CFAI) were not evenly distrubuted. like more than 50% of the question in AM exam was from FRA, and 50% question were from FI and Equities in PM exam.

Another one here.

Completed the first of the two Schweser books with the mock exams a minute ago, so in total 3 full mock exams. Good news, each time I have round about 45min-1h remaining time (in fact i need 1minute instead of 1,5minute for each question on average). Bad news, I always - and i mean with it always - score 140points of possible 240 Points, so just 58%. If I am right, an average of ~70% would be enough to pass the exam. So i need 40-50points more.

My two weakest areas are Quant and FRA where I score far below 50% (i mean 30-40%). Do you think its sufficient to improve these two areas? In all other topics i score between 60%-90%, depending one the questions.

So whats the best way to hammer in Quant and FRA? Or do you think i should focus on the other topics too? I guess improving from 70% to 80% will be much more time consuming than improvng a topic from 35% to 60%.

Have 4 full time days remaining for learning purposes.

Well Finally Today I completed my Practice exams which I was doing continuously for the past 7 days…7 Practice exams over… I’m feeling happy that i ended it wih AM 75 % and PM 80 %… Although in schweser I was hovering around 65 %…But I beleive that I can do well in my CFAI Main exam …Here onwards just going to review all the wrong questions today and tomorrow and revise the core concepts once again during the final days…All the best folks… angelMay lord CFAI have mercy on us… smiley wink Amen angel yes

Finally completed the 6 schweser mocks and previous CFAI mocks including the March mock. I just have one CFAI mock left and I guess I will do it tomorrow. I ended with 80% on the last schweser test. Hopefully, I would be able to get similar score on the CFAI mock and the actual CFAI exam. Good luck to you all. Just four more days till the exam!

Did you forget that you made this _ exact _ post here:

are there some recommendations according to my previous post? The last days i continued with the schweser mocks. First exam of Schweser Vol.2 mock exam was again 140/240 points. Curiously I improved especially FRA to 50-60% but scored much less in Quant and had some avoidable mistakes in other topics because of not being concentrated enough.

A general question: I have the feeling, that the questions in the Schweser books, are constrcuted in a way to lead you to the wrong answer. So you have to read very carefully. Is this the same in the exam too? Or are the questions “easier”?

Guys good luck to you all on Saturday. It’s stressful but I’m sure all of those who have prepared will do just fine. Keep grinding out those mocks up until Friday morning, then cut out the studying to mentally prepare. the exams are very clear in what they ask and are definitely not intended to mislead you in anyway.

Best of luck!!

Anybody else find the CFAI Mocks harder than the Schweser ones? I find the questions much more convoluted on the CFAI mocks.

Good luck to all… Remember: eat healthy and sleep well in the next two days. Healthy body = healthy mind = higher chance of success

just finished the first CFAI mock and scored 64% on average (morning 59%, afternoon 68%). In my opinion its very comparable with the Schweser mocks, maybe a little bit easier (but not really much).

My plan for the last 2 and half days: Completing the 2nd CFAI mock and also completing the last Schweser mock left (approx 10-12 hours time consumption doing/reviewing). Guess I will done with this tomorrow in the afternoon. Then I will have the whole Friday to skim through materials with focus on my weakest topics and repetition of memorizing some formulas.

Hope this will work for saturday. Seems to be getting close if the 67% is the number to beat

Has anyone else found the CFAI mocks to be a lot more straightforward and to the point than the Schweser ones, which seemed a bit more odd at times?

I hit 81-85% on the AM-PM March/June CFAI mocks, however as I had seen many of those questions before, I don’t think that’s a true and fair representation of my knowledge. Probably subtract around 10-20% to get a fairer view which puts my right on the razors edge of passing.

How did everyone score on the December 2014 L1 Mock?

2 days before exam and I scored 62% on AM and 64% on PM… Found the Mock to be quite difficult - very qualitative. Much different than the June 2014 mock where i was able to score 81AM and 83PM (though most questions were repetitive).

Hope the actual won’t be as difficult as this Mock…