Mock Exams - Prep Courses

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could recommend any prep courses that conduct Level I Mock Exams? I am doing the Schweser Mock Exams myself, but I hear its beneficial to practice the exam in a test-taking environment. So far the only one I heard of is Stalla; they do a 3 hr Mock Exam and then a review of the questions / topics on the exam. Has anyone done this and found it useful? It is for the entire weekend (both Sat and Sun), so I hope this is a good use of time. Any advice/recommendations on this is appreciated!!! Thanks.

You could also see if there is a CFA society in your area and check with them. In the LA area, CFALA is offering a practice exam for $100

yes - same suggestion. what area are you in? CFA society of South Florida offered one this past weekend for all three levels. Theirs was free and it was the actual Windsor week schweser exam, detailed answers were handed out along with the exams. 9-noon in one big auditorium. It was good to experience sitting in that room for three hours at a time with your brain in high gear…exhausting and I learned a few things for game day. Check your local society, or any local university resources. I wouldn’t go as far as to spend two structured days on this, just my opinion. but it helps to get the mock experience and do as many questions and practice tests as possible. good luck.

I am in NYC, seems like nothing is free around here! I will check with my local society, which would be NYSSA, but I have not heard of any similar offerings of mock exams. Thanks for your suggestions!

Unfortunately, Calgary CFA has been giving me the run-around. Usually CFA Societies offer mock exams in the last week of May, so there is still time for it might to happen. Is anyone else here taking CFA-L1 in cowtown? Have you heard anything yet?